TWTCO is a young and dynamic crop established in 2009 as a whole sale one its main purpose was selling the will-known cosmetics and hygiene kits brands of local manufactured and imported once in Yemeni  market , it has whole selling outlets in most dynamic business cities in Yemen .

The founder is Mr. Ahmed AL Hatemi , who was the HR Manager of Clorox company in Yemen more than 15 years has inspiration of kaizen , his vision is to develop the corporation to be one of the most reputable business corporation in cosmetic and foodstuffs business in Yemeni market to introduce quality products with affordable price to create fun customers .

In 2014 the founder intended to lunch the prepared development plan but unfortunately , he couldn’t because of upset events in the country as many business men either close or stop their business development at that time so the taken crisis strategy was delaying the launching of the new development .


In early 2020 , the occasion come again to lunch the development plan in the field of distribution for both retails and wholesales outlets in Yemeni market .

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